The Great Retreat: Our BIG CHANCE To Wake Up

As COVID-19 hit and global lockdown kicked in last March, I found myself at Pachānanda, my 27-bed retreat center.

When my family and I learned that we were required to stay home and have no in-person contact with other people, something in me took a big unexpected sigh of relief. I was being forced to STOP. We all were.

As the weeks went by, I started to realize how desperate I had been for this break, and how much I was benefiting from more stillness in my life. I started to FEEL again, even though I hadn’t realized I’d stopped. And I saw how much was right there, patiently waiting for my attention. My body, my mind, my soul — all were in dire need of my simple attention. Monumental storms of discomfort struck as I started seeing my self-limiting beliefs and patterns (aka “shit”) on a new level. But at the same time, a profound connection to the world around me held lucid space for all of my turmoil and triggers. My inner guidance became stronger and clearer as I dedicated myself to listening. I was flooded with inspiration as I entered a new level of intensity and aliveness.

“For nearly a year now of quarantine and its various phases, I have been on a soul-focused retreat.”

I could say that I chose to view the quarantine as a positive opportunity for myself and for all mankind, but I actually FELT it. From the very moment I sat in meditation and asked for insight into the COVID world situation, an undeniable positivity and joy entered my being; I began to know deep down that this was all happening for a good reason. This was what I’d been waiting for: a great shift in consciousness, our big chance to WAKE UP, once and for ALL.

For nearly a year now of quarantine and its various phases, I have been on a soul-focused retreat. I’m still a mom and a wife and a teacher and a business owner and an energy weaver, but I have chosen to shift into a slower and more present state of being: SOULtime.  It’s allowed me to experience tremendous healing and access to new levels of awareness, enhancing both my life and my work, which are one in the same.

“A new consciousness is coming.”

Has your soul been craving this, too? With so much of the world still under some type of quarantine, I encourage you to take this time and give yourself the space you desire, and to be brave enough to search for what you seek. When we heal and grow, discover and expand as individuals, we have an exponential effect on the whole. A new consciousness is coming, and it’s happening through us and how we choose to show up for life, moment by moment.

Allow me to formally invite you to come to Pachānanda for your SOULtime Retreat. Peru requires a 14-day quarantine upon entering the country, and it’s usually done alone in a hotel room. Instead, come live with us at Pachānanda, our home, and enjoy the temple, the nature and the energy of this sacred land. Home-cooked meals, yoga classes and hikes to Incan ruins are just a small part of SOULtime here. There is no better place in the world to reflect and go deeper into yourself then at Pachānanda, where YOU get to create the perfect retreat for YOU. Wherever you are, keep slowing down, listen more, show up wholeheartedly to life—and trust that when you take care of you, you take care of all.

For the highest good of all beings everywhere.


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