Reiki Training

If you are intrigued by energy, this series of trainings gives you a foundation to begin working with it for your own healing, for others and for the world. If you are already an energy practitioner, discover how Reiki holds your work in ease and grace.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a technique of Energy Healing, using the Universal Energy of unconditional love to transmit it to yourself or others, for deep healing and transformation. This can happen “hands on” or remotely (distance healing is part of Reiki Level 2).
Reiki Level 1

Learn to harmonize your own energy, as well as direct Reiki to other beings. From this course you will be ready to give Reiki to yourself, your home, your projects, your plants and animals, and give a full professional session to other people. Learn how to start your own professional practice, ranging from personal energy maintenance techniques to the logistics of a Reiki business. Anchor Reiki into your daily life through creativity, allow this ancient practice to align you with your Highest Self.

Reiki Level 2

Transform your experience of time and space with this Level 2 Training. Learn to send Reiki across distance, as well as learn and practice various techniques including chakra harmonization, purifying spaces and group energy healing. With this level, you gain access to three sacred symbols of Reiki, which help you focus and direct energy, emphasize emotional and mental healing, and transmit healing through time and space.

Reiki Level 3/Mastership

In this master teacher level, gain additional tools for working with Reiki and maintaining energy. Learn to attune (initiate) other people (and objects/spaces/etc), as well as developing your own class/trainings. This training is a commitment to your spiritual path and practice.

What’s included

Reiki Level 1
and Level 2


One Personal And One Group-Call With Reiki Master Niki Coate

Pre-Recorded Lectures To Watch In Your Own Time

LIVE (Real Time) Attunement

Pachānanda Reiki Level 1 / Level 2 Course Book (As Pdf)

Pachānanda Reiki Level 1 / Level 2 Personal Certification (As Pdf)

$360 USD
per level

Reiki Level 1
and Level 2

In Person

All sessions with Reiki Master Niki Coate

Access to Pre-Recorded Lectures To Watch In Your Own Time

In-person Attunement

Pachānanda Reiki Level 1 / Level 2 Course Book (As Pdf)

Pachānanda Reiki Level 1 / Level 2 Personal Certification

$460 USD
per level

Reiki Level 3 / Mastership

Online or in person.

This training can be offered online or in person.

All sessions with Reiki Master Niki Coate

In-person or LIVE Attunement

Pachānanda Reiki Level 3 Course Book (As Pdf)

Pachānanda Reiki Level 3 Personal Certification (As Pdf)

$1250 USD


Who is the teacher?

Reiki Master Niki Coate, founder of Pachānanda and Healing House.
Niki has facilitated hundreds of Reiki initiations over the past 13 years, and is a true expert in this field.

Do I need any experience?

No experience necessary, just a calling and curiosity inside of you.

What’s the schedule like?

In-person Level 1: three half days.
In-person Level 2: two half days.
In-person Level 3/Mastership: 5 half days.

Online Level 1 and 2: Go at your own pace.
Online Level 3/Mastership: Scheduled according to the group, approximately eight two-hour sessions.

How do I enroll?

Get in touch with us via

What people say

“Although I was already certified as a Reiki Master I did Reiki 3 training with Niki in order to refresh my knowledge and practice — and received instead what became a complete revamp and upleveling. Niki’s comprehensive program has the most extensive materials, documentation and activities I have experienced, even after studying with three other Reiki masters, and the space that Niki creates and holds for the community is equally transformative.”
Stephanie Kleine-Ahlbrandt: CEO and Founder of Activus Coaching & Consulting

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