Pachānanda Retreat Center

The Setting

Pachānanda is private and serene. In the hills just above the city of Cusco, it is surrounded by lush nature, majestic mountains, hidden waterfalls, and ancient ruins.

The land–quiet yet powerful and sacred–provides gorgeous views and contributes to the energy of Pachānanda as a sanctuary space conducive to contemplation, reflection, relaxation, and restorative activities/practices.

Plenty of shorter or longer hikes are available in the Saqsayhuaman Archaeological Park just next to Pachānanda Retreat Center – you can start your hike from our door, no need to for transportation.

The center is reachable by 15-minute taxi ride from the city center. Or take the mystical walk down into town via the “Qapac ñan” (Royal Incan Trail) to land in the artisan quarters of San Blas.

The Temple

The temple of Pachānanda is spacious and majestic. Its transparent roof facilitates connection with nature and the stars. With room for 40 yoga mats and a cushioned floor, the temple was specificly designed for SacredDance and is ideal for other activities of movement and meditation. The temple is built based on the sacred geometry of the 8-pointed star, with its four doors facing the four cardinal directions. It is an extremely powerful energetic vehicle built with high intention for unity and love.

The Lodging

Pachānanda is comfortable yet simple. You can expect cozy beds but cold nights with no heat in rooms, so extra layers and warm pajamas are key. There are two shared bathrooms, both with 3 showers and 3 toilets, and one single bathroom.



We have a comfortable lounge/dining area and balcony with stunning views, and a spacious garden for relaxation and integration.

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