Affiliate Retreats

From general recharging to specific intentional themes, Pachānanda’s retreats as well as the retreats of our affiliates give you a chance to heal and release, to prioritize your own wellness and spiritual path, and to anchor in the positive changes you crave.


what is in store for you from our affiliates who have chosen to hold their retreat in our magickal Pachānanda Retreat Center.

Chakana Peru Retreat

February 20 to March 2, 2024

10 days immersed in the Sacred Valley of the Incas as you walk the path of remembering the ancient future, where we are all creators of the sacred dream for humanity. This is a deep dive into Q’ero medicine alongside the wisdom keepers and sacred guardians of Pachamama.



Shamanic journey retreat

April 1 to 10, 2024

Pachānanda Retreat Center and friends are inviting you to a magickal shamanic journey in one of the most powerful energetic centers in the world: Cusco, Peru
10 DAYS/9 NIGHTS surrounded by ancient inca sites, majestic mountains and vast nature. During your retreat you will work with Peruvian Q’ero shamans who will share ancient traditions and ceremonies with you. Furthermore you will be inaugurated to the 13th Munay Ki rite, connect to the medicine of cacao, discover your power animal, and much more.


Global Gather: Peru

Make Cusco Your Home Base in May, 2024!

Join Our Coliving Community and Explore Peru’s Wonders!
Be a part of our Community: You belong if you’re new to travel or if you have been around the globe a few times. If you solo travel or journey with friends, or are a worldschooling family— you’re in. If you’re anywhere on an age spectrum, you belong here.Let’s co-create a heart-centered, inclusive, high-vibe community.



The Warrior’s Web

Collaborative Men’s Immersion

July 31 to August 5, 2023

Do you want to connect with fellow brothers, healers and facilitators? Do you want to find or refine your medicine and offering? Join The Warriors Web as we collaborate to put on a powerful men’s immersion where you can offer your healing practices as well as receive healing from your brothers, the sacred land of Cusco and the almighty Andes Mountains, all at a minimal cost.


Yoga Adventure Camp Perú

July 8 to 16, 2023

This yoga adventure in Cusco takes you to sacred sights including Machu Picchu! Tour this stunning land as a pilgrimage and adventure all at once!



What people say

“I came into Thrive in a space of disconnection, having lost my centre through the pandemic. It put me back together, connected me deep within and reminded me who I really am, beyond the rumblings of the ego.”
Lucy Puttergill, Transformational Coach and Breathwork Facilitator
“The Thrive course with Niki has so many components that came together to make this course heart opening, community building, source connection strengthening, just to name a few. Done & held by Niki with such grace, love, & positive vibes. Such an incredible experience to help those who wish to awaken to new insights & learnings on this incredible blessed journey.”
Hamed Al-zarrad

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