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As many of you have seen and supported, I recently entered a contest in Yoga Journal called Yoga Warrior. 

The process has felt exciting and beautiful, and I’m so grateful to everyone who showed their support! It was a close call, I ended up getting 2nd in my group. There was a great buzz and a lot of love around the whole process. I am convinced something amazing will come from this.

On entering, they ask: What does Yoga mean to you / How does Yoga enhance your life? And since they only allow for a very short reply, I felt inspired to share more:

Yoga is choosing to see unity in everything. It is being dedicated to remembering that we all come from and are part of the same Source. As a practice, yoga is a way of refining ourselves so that we can tune into the divine presence within us and within all. But most of all, I see yoga as a decision to see and experience connection over separation—a choice to be what we truly are.

“Yoga is choosing to see unity in everything”

Yoga is also the path of the heart. Almost twenty years ago when I took my first class, I found something that I had been longing for. It was as if I’d stumbled upon a clear pathway to “home,” but not as a destination, rather as a deeply fulfilling way of BEING along the endless journey. Yoga became both a practice that helped me center into my spiritual heart and a choice to follow its wisdom as a way of life.

In other words, my yoga is a practice of listening to and honoring my heart, a way for me to live authentically. The well-known yogic practices of asana, meditation and pranayama, as well as the vast subject of yogic philosophy, have long been my companions, helping me to clear away the clutter and confusion, and drop into my heart, listen to what I hear, and follow its inspiration—no matter what. It is this practice that led me blindly to Cusco, Peru in 2009, and soon after to found Healing House with nothing but a few hundred dollars and a very strong feeling, and then in 2019 to embark on building Pachānanda School and Retreat Center.

“My yoga is a practice of listening to and honoring my heart, a way for me to live authentically”

My life is dedicated to living this path and sharing it with others. Healing House and Pachānanda are designed for people to connect with their own heart’s wisdom, and gain the inspiration and support they need to follow it. It is in this way that we uphold a positive vision for our world. This is my yoga. What’s yours?

For the highest good of all beings everywhere.


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