Red Tent

A Co-created space of women nourishing women.

Oct 8 to Oct 13 2023

What Is Red Tent?

A co-created space of women nourishing women. A place to give and receive, witness and be witnessed. A safe temple to let down your walls and masks, and tune into your aligned power and ancestral wisdom

Healing Temples

We will be journeying together through the body in a process of healing and discovery. Our days will be themed according to the centers of the body: Womb, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat and Third Eye.
We will facilitate healing spaces through a variety of techniques, including SacredDance and conscious movement, InnerDance, guided meditations and journeys, and more.

Cacao & The Shamanic Woman

During this workshop we will be connecting deeply with the sacred, heart
opening elixir of Cacao to bring about healing and deeper insight into the Self
Alongside engaging in shamanic rituals that have been practiced for generations, with the intention of remembering the power of our connection as women, when we come together to witness, nourish and empower each other.


Dream Gates

Dreams are known in every culture on earth to be a source of profound wisdom and transformative potential. Invoking the wisdom of dreams, we call to a non-linear and
ancient way of knowing ourselves and co- creating with life.  In this workshop we will explore the power of dreams to heal, create and manifest. We will consider dreams as
the soul messengers they are, and work with them to cultivate our creative superpowers, get to know our multidimensional selves, and trace profound synchronicities. 

Let’s tap into the vast healing power and wisdom of the dream space!.

The Facilitators

Niki Coate

Rukmani Kaur

Guest Teachers

Jaime Elder

Susanna Curran

What’s included

Red Tent

In Person

/ Co-Creation of the Altar
 Co-Created Healing Temples
 Co-Created Creativity Temples
Shamanic Cacao Experience
Dreaming Workshop
Yoga & Meditation Classes
Guidance in Deep Relaxation (Yin, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Practices)
Innerdance (Sound Healing Journey) Sessions
SacredDance Ceremonies
Excursion to Sacred Temples & Waterfall Immersion
Locally sourced Vegan & Vegetarian Meals
Shared Lodging 
Entering & Rooting Atlantis/Lumeria Journey

*Limited Numbers of Private Rooms available for an additional cost
upon request

$2800 USD


October 8

oArrival 10am – 12pm
o Lunch 1pm
o Opening Circle 3pm – 5pm
o Dinner 6.30pm
o Evening Session 7.30pm.

October 9-12

o Morning practice and meditation 7am – 8.15am
o Breakfast 8.30am
o Workshop/Experience 10am- 12/1pm
o Lunch 1.30pm
o Workshop/Experiment 3pm – 5/6pm
o Dinner 6.30pm
o Evening Session: Relaxation and Reflection 7.30pm

October 13


o Morning practice and meditation 7am – 8.15am
o Breakfast 8.30am
o Closing Circle 10am – 1pm
o Lunch 1pm
o Check Out 2pm

How do I enroll?

Get in touch with us via

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