~ Join us in Peru to Celebrate the New Earth~

In this collaborative Retreat where all participants add their own touch of magick!

Red Dragonfly: Messenger of the New Era

What will happen when we follow our hearts’ wisdom to create a gathering?

Let’s allow for the magick of the New Earth to move us,

As we co-create this celebration and journey,

By offering what we each of us is most inspired to share.

Have you been waiting for this???? I have…!!!

At Pachānanda — Healing House’s Retreat Center — Cusco, Peru

During the portal days of the 13-moon Mayan-based calendar

Pay what you feel

555 USD to 5,555 USD 

You decide what you would love to contribute, anywhere in that range.  The Red Dragonfly Fest serves as a fundraiser; Your payment supports Pachānanda and its mission—THANK YOU!

What’s included?


Shared lodging

Participation in Red Dragonfly Fest.

What should you offer to Red Dragonfly Fest?

Tune into your heart’s wisdom, and ask! Then email us at info@pachanandacusco.com to share your ideas.  Here’s some examples of what it could be:

Workshop/Class: Yoga, pranayama, dance, art, theater, meditation, etc.

Logistics: registration, time keeping, workshop assistant, welcom committee, pre- & post-retreat team, etc.

Facility: kitchen aid, (energetic) clean up crew, fire starter, snacks manager, documentation (photos & videos), etc.

Also, is there something you would love to experience???

Ask us, and maybe someone else in the group has the inspiration to make it happen!

How to reserve your space:

Make a 108 USD non refundable deposit via PayPal to healinghousecusco2@gmail.com.

The remainder of payment is due two weeks before the retreat—by April 27—(by cash, bank transfer, Western Union or PayPal).

 If you cannot come because of COVID reasons/closures, you can choose to: 1) donate your deposit, 2) exchange this deposit for one remote healing with me (Niki), or 3) use it toward one of our online offerings.  

want to stay longer?

Yes!  Check out SOULtime with us. 

Or our Special 4-week residency opportunity: 

Stay from May 11 to June 7, joining Red Dragonfly AND this exclusive sound healing experience with István Sky and Sebastián Bellini

For a total of: your Red Dragonfly Fest contribution + 770 USD