SoulTime / Quarantine

Stay with us through your official 14-day quarantine
and give your soul the rest it’s been craving.


It’s SOULtime at Pachānanda
Pachānanda School and Retreat Center offers unique quarantine stays with like-
minded people, surrounded by nature, enjoying healthy meals (vegan/vegetarian
options) and access to yoga, meditations, workshops, trainings, and a variety of
evolving classes (and excellent Wi-Fi allows you to work remotely, too!)

Located just above the city of Cusco in one of the strongest energetic regions on
earth, surrounded by quiet yet powerful ruins and temples, stunning views and
hidden waterfalls. With its mission to raise collective vibration through how we live
our lives, Pachānanda is a living example of the life work of its founder, Niki Coate.
It is the full-time home of Niki and her family, including her husband, 4-year-old son,
and two dogs. Through this unique retreat experience, they welcome you into their
home and sanctuary. You can expect glorious meditation time in the temple
alongside snuggles with muddy-pawed doggies, majestic views of Cusco and the
surrounding sacred mountains and giggles and toys in the dining hall.

Experience the day-to-day here together with the Pachānanda family, who offers a
heart-centered and yet very tangible way of life. By bringing the spiritual experience
down to earth, Pachānanda is a perfect place to realize your most-thriving version of
life. We invite you to be part of this evolving project. Pachānanda is comfortable for
living, and while there are several aspects still under construction, you know that
your retreat dollars help us continue to build and complete our vision!

14 Days:
● Twin Room: 397 USD
● Triple Room: 517 USD
Per month:
● Twin Room: 687 USD
● Triple Room: 847 USD
Prices are for private occupancy of the rooms. Ask us about sharing a room with your
traveling companion.
● Lodging + Meals as described
● Daily access to our yoga temple/classroom
● Access to extra activities (additional costs may apply)
● Rooftop & balcony view of Cusco’s most sacred mountain, Ausangate
● Nature surroundings for amazing hikes to Inca ruins and waterfalls
● Spending time with like-minded people
● Excellent Wi-Fi

Start creating your own retreat by adding on weekly extras in advance:
● 3 Yoga classes per week: 40 USD
● 2 1hr treatments per week: 100 USD
● Your Retreat Mentor: 87 USD
Prices per week


● Twin Room: two single beds in bunk-bed style, shelves for your things, and a
table for work. It also offers a small indoor greenhouse with glorious light and
tree-top views.
● Triple Room: two single beds in bunk-bed style and one separate single bed,
shelves for your things and table for working. This room has plenty of space
for you to sprawl out, as well as a small indoor greenhouse with glorious light
and tree-top views.
The new, shared bathrooms are accessed via covered walkway, spacious and
clean. Spacious (and steamy hot) showers and toilet stalls offer plenty of privacy.
From a quarantine point of view, we assume private occupancy of the rooms. Ask us
about sharing a room with your traveling companion.

Delicious (vegetarian/vegan) breakfast and lunch are cooked for you by our local
chef from Monday through Saturday. For dinner and Sundays, get creative in the
kitchen* by yourself or together with our other guests.
*Since you’re not supposed to leave the premises during the initial 14 days, we will make
sure there are ingredients available in the kitchen for you to use during this period. After that,
we will show you the nearby markets to shop for your own groceries.

We offer Yoga Teacher Trainings, Sacred Dance Initiations, and also shorter
retreats, classes and workshops that you can participate in, including yoga, salsa
lessons, sound healing sessions, inner dance and meditation.
Click on the links below to read more about our upcoming Trainings and Retreats, so
you can plan your visit accordingly if you wish to attend.
Yoga Teacher Training
Sacred Dance Initiation
THRIVE Retreat
Reiki Courses

We work with a variety of healers you can book sessions with. They offer different
types of massage and energy work, as well as spiritual coaching and other healing
You don’t have to do it all alone! Let one of our mentors help you find what you have
come here for, with one private session per week, plus assignments to do your own
inner work. We will help you design your retreat according to your intentions!

Our basic package covers the official quarantine period upon arriving in Peru (14
days). However, you are more than welcome to extend your retreat longer!