Virtual Pachānanda Reiki Training
Level 1 & 2
Usui Lineage
In cooperation with Healing House Cusco

This training is submitted from Cusco, Peru: Epicenter for the Awakening of Consciousness!

Reiki Level 1: Learn to harmonize your own energy, as well as direct Reiki to other beings. Learn how to start your own professional practice, ranging from personal energy maintenance techniques to the logistics of a Reiki business. Anchor Reiki into your daily life through creativity and align with your highest self.

Reiki Level 2: Transform your experience of time and space and learn to send Reiki across distance. You will learn and practice various techniques of distance healing including chakra harmonization, purifying spaces, and group energy healing.




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Highlights of the Reiki Training:

  • Level 1 (15 hours course,incl. practice): 
      • learn how to transmit the healing power of Reiki to yourself and others
      • learn techniques to nourish and maintain a healthy and balanced energy
      • learn how to get started in the business of Reiki


  • Level 2 (15 hours course,incl. practice): 
      • learn how to send Distance Reiki and the complementary symbols
      • learn how to do Chakra Balancing and much more


  • Attunements (Initiations) for Level 1 and 2:
    • The date of the attunement will be coordinated individually.
    • From the day of your attunement, you will start a 21 day process of integration, which includes a clean diet (recommended vegetarian diet, no alcohol or recreational drugs).
    • Traditionally attunements were done only in person. Today, many Reiki Master Teachers practice attunements across distance. Niki feels strongly about this option being essential for our current times.Solve your doubts:
Reiki Rates

Couple/friends package Level 1 or 2, Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, Reiki Package Level 1 & 2