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How does our Crowdfunding Campaign work?

With our crowdfunding campaign, we are creating free yoga classes for Peruvian citizens, expats and tourists, which are financed through donations by others. People around the world are asked to make a donation for another person to take a class for free here in Cusco, thanks to this donation.
When you take a class: enjoy the class that another person has kindly sponsored for you, you can leave a donation too for another beautiful soul like you, to take a free class if you wish. 


How will the Money Raised be Used?

The money raised will be used to pay our yoga teachers and for the spaces we will provide for free yoga classes taught by our certified and experienced teachers. We will have 3 classes per week for 3 months initially.  Part of your donations will also be used for the running and organisation of the project.


How much Money will be Collected in which amount of Time?

We aim to raise 2000 USD within 1.5 months. This amount however is not a limit. If we collect more, we will continue with more classes after the initial 3 months. 


How does the project continue, once the crowdfunding is finished?

We are gonna start our different styles of yoga classes, 3 classes per week for 3 months.  Participating yoga students can make a voluntary donation when taking a class, this will allow us to continue with the project with more classes after the first 3 months and continue with our crowdfunding campaign.


To donate directly to Paypal or to donate more than $600USD CLICK HERE




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In appreciation and gratitude for your donations we will gift you or your loved ones the below: 

up to 50$: Thank you video 

51$-250 $: Energetic exercise 

251-1000$: Restorative immersion online course for yourself or as a gift to a loved one 

1001$ or more: Remote healing session with Niki Coate for yourself or as a gift to a loved one 


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